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Join our movement for positive change

Across Brisbane, everyday people are looking for hope. We have a Brisbane City Council whose main objective is to grow Brisbane, as fast as they can, into a ‘New World City’. At the same time our nation and our city is experiencing the worst rental housing crisis since the great depression, causing a major rise in homelessness with many people now living in our parks across the city. 

While the planet is facing an unprecedented climate change crisis, Brisbane is experiencing major floods, heatwaves and other extreme and unusual weather. This LNP Council administration cares more about its developer mates than it does about the community, the environment or the resilience of this city.  

Floodplains are rezoned for development, developer charges are slashed, core council budgets are being cut (by over $500 million in 2023) that maintains the vegetation and greenspaces that we currently have. 

There is woefully insufficient council investment to ensure our city is resilient and sustainable, particularly adding new greenspace, dedicated active transport, traffic calming for local streets, high frequency public transport and heatwave resilience.  

Would you like to help our office support the community? 

Whether it’s organising a community meeting to enhance participatory democracy, helping residents recover from floods, letterboxing your street or campaigning for better sustainable transport options. We need volunteers who want to support our vision for a more sustainable, vibrant, resilient and thriving community.

Will you volunteer?