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About Me

Hi, I'm Seal, your Greens Candidate for Paddington.

I have lived in this area for over 20 years and love raising my kids in this diverse community. Over that time, I have had the pleasure of being involved in many community groups, and volunteer regularly at Kelvin Grove State College. I always enjoy the experiences of connection, creating wonderful friendships, and supporting my community.

My community activities include being an Executive Committee Member of Kelvin Grove State College’s P&C, the secretary of the P&C at Kelvin Grove State College. These, and other community activities, provide rewarding connections and wonderful friendships, as well as the satisfaction of helping others.

I am Eurasian, a proud woman of colour, and I was adopted at 6 weeks old. I was fortunate to be raised with a mix of European/Australian and Chinese cultures by two loving parents.

My current work is in I.T. and have studied a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts majoring in Illustration at Queensland College of Art. I enjoy teaching music to my two kids, and have a passion for singing, and playing guitar, piano and violin. I have also enjoyed performing in an electro band in Brisbane’s live music scene.

I became active in politics due to my frustration with the government's lack of action on the climate crisis. My heart goes out to people who were impacted by the 2022 floods, and all previous severe events. We need Brisbane City Council to do so much more to prepare and protect our communities.

While politicians and corporate donors design laws to suit their interests and choose profit over people and the planet, our local community is struggling with increased cost of living, rising rents and interest rates, and a shortage of affordable housing.

Locally, we have seen unsustainable development that lacks sufficient community consultation, and often ignores the Neighbourhood Plan. Council planning rules have a huge impact on the kind of city we live in, affecting our schools, green space, streets and environment. We need to have well designed infrastructure that promotes healthier lifestyles, accessible and inclusive housing and amenities and vibrant public spaces. We also need to protect and create green space to ensure we have a liveable city now and into the future.

As your Councillor, I will raise the voices of diverse and intersectional communities, to address oppression, racism, violence, and discrimination, in order to create a safe and inclusive community.

I have decided to step up to be your Greens candidate for Paddington for the local council election because I want to work together to create a happy and healthy community.

I’m looking forward to having conversations with you to understand your concerns and learn how to best represent you as your next Councillor for Paddington.

Seal is standing in front of the Brisbane skyline, with a warm smile.