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Summer Heatwaves

Important Information about Summer Heatwaves

With the effects of climate change getting worse and an official declaration of El Niño, meteorologists are saying it's likely we will have a hotter and dryer summer than usual, putting us at risk of heatwaves and bushfire events.

Heatwaves pose the biggest threat of any natural disaster in Australia, so it's really important to ensure that you are prepared.

Being prepared

  • Register for the Bureau of Meteorology Weather app to receive warnings for upcoming heatwaves.
  • Do you or your friends and family have a disability? Queenslanders with Disability Network have put together this great emergency preparedness resource that they co-designed with disabled people.
  • Animals can also be effected by heat-related illness, check out the RSPCA Queensland's tips on taking care of animals in summer.
  • Check your bushfire risk at the Qld Fire & Emergency Services postcode checker site.
  • Prepare your property for extreme weather events. The council has information online about reducing your proterty's fire risk. 

Some things to be aware of during extreme weather

  • Make sure you check in on neighbours or family members who are vulnerable to the impacts of heatwaves.
  • If your home is too hot for comfort, try to visit one of the air-conditioned community libraries, shopping centres, or a council pool.
  • Drink 2-3L of water a day, even when you don't feel thirsty.
  • In bushfire conditions, regular face masks (like we've used for Covid) won't filter smoke or protect you against fine particles (see more details here). Instead, you'd need a P2 mask, which is available from most hardware stores.

Useful contacts during heatwaves, bushfires, and other disasters

  • Emergency Services ... Call 000. For life-threatening emergencies, police, ambulance, and fire.
  • Weather updates ... Call 1300 551 888. To hear the latest weather updates for Brisbane.
  • 13 HEALTH ... Call 13 43 25 84. For medical advice.
  • Urban Utilities ... Call 13 23 64. For water outages.
  • Brisbane City Council ... Call 3403 8888. For advice on fire bans and planned back burning.
  • Qld Fire & Emergency Serices. Visit for current bushfires and smoke warnings.
  • Bureau of Meteorology. Visit for updates on Qld weather warnings.