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Bus Loop

Many residents tell me that they would like to take public transport around our community but can’t. What would be a short trip as the crow flies turns into an hour long ordeal as you travel into the city and transfer just to come back the way you came in.


We need a public transport system that takes the functions of public transport seriously. There are trips other than getting people to and from work that matter. It's heartbreaking speaking with older residents that no longer drive suffering from loneliness and isolation. Children and teenagers should be able to get to school, visit friends and develop independence without having to get a car and their driver's license. Parents of young children should be able to access their community if their partner takes the car to work.


As the new Councillor for the Paddington War, I want to see a Free Bus Loop that connects people to the places they want to go but we need your help. Please tell us where you want to be able to go by filling in this survey. 


My team have put together a few different routes that respond to what sorts of things we are hearing at the door, from residents. Have a good look at them below and open this (link) in a new tab so you can refer to them while you’re doing the survey if you need to.