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Rosalie Pedestrian Crossing

The Rosalie Village is a beautiful hub in our community, providing locals the opportunity to connect with small businesses, do their shopping, and have a meal. However, for some years, the Rosalie community has been battling for better pedestrian safety. I have personally heard from many locals about frequent near-misses with oncoming traffic, particularly impacting those with mobility issues. This should not be the case in one of Brisbane's best urban villages, right next to a primary school. Recently, Brisbane City Council identified this and earmarked funding for a new crossing.

However, one of the very first actions of a recent LNP Paddington Councillor was to cancel that funding.  As the new Councillor for the Paddington Ward, I want to go back to the community for consultation, as the safety of local residents is too important.

The LNP Council administration just gave developers a huge tax cut by halving the fees developers are supposed to pay, in order to make local development sustainable, including safe pedestrian crossings. This LNP Council administration are looking for cuts everywhere, and the Rosalie community is being made to pay.

That’s I've launched a petition calling on the Brisbane City Council to ensure pedestrian safety at Rosalie Village. 

In order to make this vital change, we need to demonstrate unequivocally that the community supports pedestrian safety in this area. Please sign and share it far and wide with those who use the precinct or are concerned about pedestrian wellbeing – we need all voices to be heard loud and clear: Pedestrian safety for Rosalie Village now!

500 Signatures

115 Signatures

Will you sign?

Petition text:

We, the undersigned, call on the Brisbane City Council to deliver a safe pedestrian crossing for Rosalie Village.

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