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Free Bus Loop

My team and I have had more than one thousand conversations with Paddington Ward residents about what matters most. It’s clear that our community needs public transport access and connectivity. Right now, services are designed to provide trips in and out of the CBD, but this wheel-and-spoke model is not suitable for cross-suburb travel. What should be a brief journey turns into an hour-long ordeal, resulting in most people opting to drive if they can. 

This year, Trina Massey, Greens Councillor for the Gabba Ward, secured a trial for making the 86 bus route free. This is a welcome opportunity for the residents of the southside to enjoy free and frequent public transport in their area, reducing congestion and parking issues. Paddington Ward residents need and deserve a similar service. 

We are proposing a free bus loop to connect the delightful high streets, urban villages and communities of Paddington Ward to its suburbia and other transport infrastructure. 

This survey is to help us get it right. It also helps us build pressure on the major parties in Council to fund this service.

My team has devised several routes based on the feedback we have received during our door-to-door interactions. You’re encouraged to think creatively about what loop best suits your travel needs. Your insights will greatly contribute to creating a public transport system that genuinely meets the diverse needs of our community, and it should only take a couple of minutes!